Monday, October 12, 2009

Vu1 Bulbs Burn Down Trailer Park :-)

In the category of "we couldn't make this stuff up" - we were just forwarded a post from an investor message board that claims Vu1 Bulbs are responsible for burning down a trailer park!! The folks around Vu1's HQ have had great fun passing this one around. We just sent it over to our team in the Czech Republic advising them that we obviously need to tighten up our safety testing. We will have to go back to our contacts at UL and make sure that when we start the certification process they will be specifically testing for trailer fixtures to make sure this never happens again!!

btw- we also have heard that our energy efficient, mercury free, Earth Saving Lights (ESL) may be responsible for Global Warming. Our apologies to the polar bears that called this in.