Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Please return the LED bulb to your nearest Costco location

A few months ago our phones began ringing off the hook with friends and acquaintances telling us about the inexpensive LED flood lights that they had seen at Costco. Many expressed great concern that these would prove the viability of affordable, well performing LEDs aggressively coming to market. Based on the price point and the description of the LEDs (no heat sinking) we responded that these would likely be very poor performers both in light quality and life. However, I went down to my local Costco to purchase one for our competitive products collection. I first took it home and when I put it into a recessed can in the kitchen - my wife politely told me to get it out of our house. It had terrible glare, produced a color of light similar to LED headlights and was made of all plastic with no heat sinking. On Friday I received a letter from Costco (attached) offering a refund since it appears these LED bulbs are not performing to required standards. We predict this will the first of many of these types of “recalls” as LED lights stumble onto the market and start to fail.