Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Competitive Technologies

I have received a couple of emails regarding the Blog expressing a concern that we are competition bashing. The information that we have posted regarding HIR, LED and CFL technologies are in response to inquiries we have received asking for our assessment of these potentially competitive technololgies. Rather than responding individually to multiple emails we decided to post our response on the blog. We have attempted to not give only our opinions on these technologies but more importantly to point to existing reports, studies, and resources that do a much better job than we would on analyzing these technologies.

In the future we will continue to address questions regarding competitive technologies, the politics of energy efficient lighting, trends, new products and also use the blog to deliver news on Vu1 and the progress of ESL as we move toward commercialization.

We currently have "Comments" disabled since I don't have the time to moderate the blog. I don't want to disappoint posters with lengthy delays in responding to questions posted. With that said - everyone should feel free to post questions via our "Comments" area on the Vu1 website www.vu1.com (the website form routes your questions to a variety of resources at Vu1) and we will attempt to address your questions as soon as possible.