Wednesday, July 8, 2009

President Obama Seeks Better Light Bulbs

We at Vu1 have been saying for a while that "the easiest and most effective way for an individual to reduce green house emissions is to change to energy efficient light bulbs in their homes." Vu1 is working hard to a bring a cleaner, safer and better performing energy efficient lighting technology to market.

President Obama has proposed new aggressive standards to speed the implementation of energy efficient lighting in America. The new policies will have a very positive impact for Vu1. Our company's first product will be the reflector bulbs utilized in over 800 million recessed can fixtures in the USA. Reflector style bulbs had been previously been excluded from the upcoming ban on incandescent lamps. Under the new policy, reflector bulbs will have to meet aggressive new energy standards within the same timeframes as standard lamp bulbs. Vu1 hopes to be ready to answer the call for a highly energy efficient, great light quality, instant on, fully dimmable reflector bulb as these new standards come into place. The company is also looking into the $356 million in funding from the economic stimulus bill passed in February that is now being targeted at "the development, deployment and use of this energy-efficient technology”.

President Obama is asking for a "better light bulb". Vu1 would love for it to be "A light without compromise".