Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The ESL Video Documentary

A number of people have inquired as to how the production of Vu1's ESL documentary is coming along.

We have had an amazingly productive and enjoyable experience working with Opticus Films. We feel very fortunate that they signed on to do this project with us. We are on schedule to have the production complete by the end of the month. Filming has been completed at our manufacturing and development facility in the Czech Republic, our engineering facility in Colorado and our executive offices in Seattle. Interviews have been completed with Vu1's CEO, CTO, CMO, VP of Manufacturing and VP of Engineering. Interviews have been filmed with industry subject matter experts from the Electric Utility, Electrical Distribution, architectural industries and academia. The final interview is being filmed on Thursday with a senior member of the California Lighting Technology Center.

The video will be delivered to Vu1 on Monday. Next will be a review by our Board of Directors and Legal team. A "sneak preview" will be screened with a group of Vu1 insiders and industry advisors a few days later. We plan to release it publically during the week of September 7th. Stay tuned to meet the Vu1 team, hear comments from a variety of industry experts and actually see a demonstration of ESL technology at work and in comparison to other energy efficient technologies.