Thursday, August 13, 2009

"The LED's Dark Secret"

From our VP of Engineering - Robert White

The IEEE magazine, Spectrum, in this month’s issue published an article titled “LED’s Dark Secret”. The article talks about the problem LEDs are having performing at high output levels. All of the high lumens/watt measurements are at very low output levels – too low to be useful for general purpose lighting. When the LEDs are pushed to useful output levels, the performance (lumens/watt) falls way off. This article delves into the physics of the LED and the various theories on why this happens.

"The blue light-emitting diode, arguably the greatest optoelectronic advance of the past 25 years, harbors a dark secret: Crank up the current and its efficiencies will plummet. The problem is known as droop, and it’s not only puzzling the brightest minds in the field, it’s also threatening the future of the electric lighting industry."