Friday, September 25, 2009

How About a Level Playing Field to Encourage Innovation?

Several people contacted us today after seeing the article in the New York Times on the U.S. government sponsored $15M “L Prize” for innovation in energy efficient lighting. Even more compelling than the cash award will be the “federal procurement” and “promotion” benefits that will be offered to the winner. Unfortunately, the Department of Energy stacked the deck for the “Bright Lighting Competition” (L Prize) when they specified that SSL (LED) technology is the ONLY technology eligible to participate.

It is truly unfortunate that the DOE has bet on what will turn out to be in many applications a losing horse while excluding even the possibility that there are other technologies on the horizon that can produce energy efficient, high quality light. Vu1 Corporation has raised this issue with the Senators and Congressional Representatives from Washington State, as well as key members of various committees involved in energy policy.

Vu1 strongly contends that our government should encourage open innovation and not limit American ingenuity by determining who can play and who can’t.

All we want is a level playing field. If we can get that, we hope to bring to that field a “Light without compromise”.