Thursday, September 10, 2009

"light at the end of the tunnel"

Comments from a Vu1 friend in the UK -

" From my understanding VU1 appears to have a product that can really make a difference to the planet. For my children and my grandchildren, I want a light bulb that is safe to use, economic to run and a good clear light. A light I can dim when I put my young daughter to bed. A light for the 21st Century. The bulbs I use today were first introduced over 100 years ago. If we compared this to the motor industry we would still be driving around in model T Fords. At last a Company appears to have set their sights on a product that goes a long way to answering all the questions. I would imagine it has taken blood, sweat and a few tears to get there for I do not know any other Company who has a true answer to the question at this time.

Our Governments' are culpable in having allowed the new low energy lights to be introduced, bringing with them health risks, poor light and the inability to meet the European Unions own agenda that light bulbs need to be able to be dimmed, so they come on when you walk into an office and go off when you leave.

The world has become Health and Safety conscious whilst the bureaucrats allow low energy bulbs to be sold. Even the buying public have become wise to the situation and are showing their dissaproval by stocking up on the original type of bulb our great great grandparents used.

VU1 if you can provide that true light at the end of the tunnel then the world will be most grateful."

Peter Edwards

From Sunday's London Daily Telegraph -

"The Sunday Telegraph has conducted its own tests on level of illuminance provided by light bulbs from different manufacturers to see whether their claims stand up to scrutiny.

We found that under normal household conditions, using a single lamp to light a room, an 11W low-energy CFL produced only 58 per cent of the illumination of an "equivalent" 60W bulb – even after a 10-minute "warm-up".

On a website intended to answer consumers' questions about the switch to energy saving bulbs, the European Commission states: "Currently, exaggerated claims are often made on the packaging about the light output of compact fluorescent lamps."